Riot Starts When You Are Young

by Infidel Express

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recorded live in MIAM Studio Istanbul


released July 24, 2016

special thanks to Emre Demirsoy



all rights reserved


Infidel Express Moscow, Russia

Formed on august 2015 by three unholy dudes.

Guitars,Bass-Patriarch Unlucky

Vocals - Muhammad Ali

Drums - No Nickname

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Track Name: Introduction
We are the people!
Who created miracles,
Who created this shit underground,
We work for money holders,
Bosses, presidents.
We killed for them.
We are Infidel Express!
Track Name: Can You Hear The Song?
Die alone, in your glorious flag of shit
Like all of us will die alone.

Can’t you see all as a philosophy?
Do you really feel the crook?
Showing your apathy never hurts,
The truth of me

I don’t belong to any form of your peace
That splendid shit makes me fucking sick

So listen right now,
Can you really hear the song,
That I never played before?
or are we here for the spirit?
Track Name: The Youth
Every moment has its form.
You’re sure you’ve been in the moment before?
Cos my only living form is a tragedy…
I am the hurricane!
I am the latency!

Boy, why its so hard to give up your dreams
Chopping every sense you fear, it is?
This texture foundation has infinite blood variants.

Its times I run like the three dimensions
Never saw the life a few bit, or to expect.

but my only living form is a lie,
When I ever see the ground, it moves so fast
Then I never look back.
Sucked like the days I,

Every step I make
Every move I hate
Maybe I’ll be a god like this…

I need to run like ten horses.
Track Name: Third Eye signed by and between
Its a never ending solace I fell into,
It melts you
How it feels man to be grilled?
Sun burns those scars away,
The eyes are falling wrong way

Separate the third eye in between
Show yourself again to me

Hey shylock you’ve been goddamn preaching outside
I think I find the one, I think
Hey shylock, you’ve been preaching..
I think I found the lie…

It was a never burning sun I fell into,
Love, it melts you...
How it feels man to be grilled

Third eye signed by and between
Track Name: Fuzzy Song
War! insane war!
Tell us what to do we count no more…

Face the big fist upon us!
Maybe its time to reach the avail
Every man will seek the fear, resources.
Every sense of fear will all fail.

We never fear the very equation,
It seems disembled.
We never hate the fact;
We are all infected by war.
Insane war!

I can’t belive we’ve done this.
Can’t believe we’ve poisoned a generation for this passion,
The bullshit beauty fashion…
It has to end before we set our minds free,
All the men should be killed; and the women should trigger the best distopia.
Track Name: Antiweed (Sepultura cover)
Pure bongs
Pure joints
Smoke in the house,
Smoke in the bus

Nazi weed, amsterdam weed
Stick your joints up your ass
Track Name: Shade is... (pt1)
There’s no much amount of weed
There’s no much amount of love
I just want us to be destroyed

Maybe its time achieve
Shaking near the solace
Trees will stand as man, dissenters

Its gone too far,
We’re so bored
They don’t want us to achieve